When was the last time you dreamed about escaping your daily routine, exploring the outdoor and doing what you really want?

PARAGO was founded by a group of people who are passionate about a free and cool lifestyle but soon found out that they can hardly find any products satisfying them in achieving so.

With the desire to provide the young generation smart life products with both cool design and good quality, and help them live a more active, healthy and mobile lifestyle, the brand PARAGO was founded to complete such mission.

Led by the core team consisting of German and Chinese experts who have many years of working experiences in relevant industries, PARAGO provides products with both premium design and excellent quality.

Designed in Germany and made in China, PARAGO makes the claim to our customer:

Let your passion lead the way. And we take care of the rest.


With everything we do at PARAGO, we strive for uniqueness based on our 3 core values:
Smart Solutions. Reliable Quality. Unique Design.

Smart Solutions
Our product solutions are designed, developed and built to make your life easier, cooler and less stressful.

Reliable Quality
Our product solutions meet the highest international quality standards. Even in the remotest locations, our product solutions will never let you down.

Unique Design
Our product solutions are uniquely designed that no matter where you go, you will always have the chance to show it off to enthusiastic and interested bystanders.

  • Body builder
  • Adventurer
  • City youth
  • Tech junkie
  • Loving wife / husband
  • Caring mom


Is at the heart of design,
Is at the heart of life,
Is Everything.

Without passion,

There is no freedom,
There is no creation,
There is no life.


Our mission is to let you live your passion and we take care of the rest.

For self-driving lovers who want to have fun from time to time, for tech junkies who would like to try everything new of the era, for body builders who pursue the perfection of life, for breast feeding mothers who want a work-life balance……

We support you in living your healthy, mobile lifestyle and provide you with smart, reliable and uniquely designed product solutions so you can focus on yourself and on what lies ahead of you.

We take care of the rest. Simple as that.



    Strong Partnerships with Passionate Customers Worldwide.
    High Penetration in OEM Core Market Segments.

    Best Product Solutions in the Market.
    Constant Innovation & Consumer Listening.
Passion in Design

Every day our highly dedicated design
team in Germany is fully committed to fulfil all of your
today’s needs and to predict what you will need tomorrow
to live out your passion to the fullest.

Petr C.
Our PARAGO Chief Designer
at work in Germany

Excellence in Manufacturing

Our accredited manufacturing facility and highly trained staff in China is fully committed to the highest industry standards and to provide you with the best quality available on the Market.

Our PARAGO factory in Shenzhen (P.R. China): Key Facts
  • Located in Shenzhen Special Cooperation Zone
  • 20,000 sqm manufacturing space
  • 300,000-600,000 pcs annual manufacturing capacity
  • Professional OEM capacities and facilities


IPhone: +86 (0) 760-8888-2208
E-Mail: info@parago.com.de
Internet: www.parago.com.de


PARAGO Technologies Ltd.